About Chongqing

As a municipality directly under the Central Government, Chongqing, short for Yu or Ba, is known as a "mountain city","foggy city"and "brige city". With a population of 32 million, the city occupies 82,400 square kilometers of territory and is divided into 38 administrative districts and counties.

It is an organic city cluster having the most number of administrative districts and the largest population in China. As a famous historic city,Chongqing ,located at the core of the economic belt of the upper Yangtze, is the centers for business and trade, politics, culture, education,scientific innovation and telecommunication, the hub of transportation and a high-tech based modern industrial base.

Chongqing connects China's vast west and eastern coast. It is the only transportation hub in West China that integrates water,land,and air transportation.

Not only enjoying great natural resources- mountain, rivers, forests, springs, waterfalls, gorges and caves- the mountainous area also is rich in cultural landscapes blending of the BaYu culture, immigrant culture, three gorges culture and metropolitan culture. There are more over 300 natural and human sites, including 1 World Heriage Site (The Dazu Stone Sculptures),1 World Natural Heritage Site ( Wulong Karst area), 13 national key cultural units,6 national key scenic attractions, 24 national forest parks, 6 narional geo-parks and 4 state-level natural protection areas .

Chongqing is the forth largest openning-up city following Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou due to the large number of consulates-general, permanent foreign media organizations and foreign affairs departments set up here.

Chongqing is one of the places where hot pot originated,which has been conffered the title of "China Hot Pot City"at Mar,2007.

The 10th Urban Competitiveness List issued by China Urban Competitiveness Seminar in 2011 has ranked Chongqing in the 10th place for the first time followed by Wuhan and Chengdu.

Thanks to Chongqing's becoming a municipality, the construction of the Three Gorges Dam Project and the implementation of the Go West Policy, recent years have witnessed the strengths of Chongqing are enhanced. The city has energetically restucturing economy and openning wider to the outside world,deepened the reform of systems and accelerated infrastructural constuction in achieving economic and social development in a comprehensive way.

In 2011,the total local GDP broke through 1 trillion yuan,reaching RMB 1.0011 trillion ,up 16.4% over the previous year. The total industrial output value was RMB 1.2 trillion, an increase of 28.2% over the last year.And the industrial sector saw added value increase by 22.7%.

The foreign investment capital exceeded 10 billion yuan, and the actual use was RMB 10.58 billion, up 66.1% over the last year. The total export and inport volume was RMB 29.2 billion .In the first half of the year 2012 , the GDP amounted to 530.7 billion yuan,up 14%. The pace of GDP increase ranked the second in China, the first in the West. The general revenue reached RMB 82.6 billion ,up 18.4% .The per capita disposable income of urban residents and the per capita disposable income of rural residents were 11760 yuan and 4106 yuan ,and rose in real terms by 13.3% and 17.6% ,respectively. The export volumn was 25 billion yuan. It maintained steady development.

Today, Chongqing take the overall deployment of "314" by General Secretary Hu jintao as the guide, and improving people's livlihood and promoting a common prosperity proposed in the Fouth Party Congress as the general task ,thoroughly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development and strive to take the lead to build a well-off society in an all-round way.